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Oak Guns Show - Tailgate Rental Company in Butler, NJ

Oaks Gun Show

There are six gun shows a year at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center hosted by Eagle Arms Productions. TAPT was successful in providing marketing materials for the host as well as the two vendors who utilized a trailer as their booth. The Vendors, the Gun Range and Magen Tactical Defense split the booth using the multiple TVs to run videos in a loop. The trailer itself is an eye-catcher and made a huge difference at a show with more than 2,000 tables. Banners and signage were created for all three businesses and then strategically placed prior to the event doors opening.
Perkfest 2016n - Tailgate Rental Company in Butler, NJ

Perkfest 2016

The sixth annual Perkfest was hosted by TAPT in Bloomingdale, New Jersey, in continued efforts to raise funds for breast cancer research. Proceeds are donated to the cause every year as the family walks in the march. TAPT was able to maneuver the trailer into the backyard where family and friends participated in a privately held beer Olympics and barbecue. TAPT worked closely with the homeowner to assess their customized needs and party layout. Project manager Rick was also able to get custom beer mugs and T-shirts made and delivered with the trailer to this event. This will be an annual event for TAPT, utilizing the kegerators, grill and sound system that are all standard on the trailer.
Tailgate Boyz - Tailgate Rental Company in Butler, NJ

Tailgate Boyz

Booked for five home Giants games of the 2016 season at MetLife Stadium. TAPT managed to coordinate different aspects for these events ranging from 15-500 people! A Giants game is a full-day event for these boys, so TAPT made sure to have them covered from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Over the course of the season, TAPT was successful in:
  • Delivering of goods and setup of trailer
  • Customizing displays
  • Providing printed material and banners
  • Compiling a digital photo album of the best photos from each event
  • Booking DJs and other guest appearances
  • Coordinating security personal for larger events
  • Purchasing heaters and individual accessories to accommodate the frigid December
  • Conveniently taking charge of returning all equipment and cleaning of the site
Highschool Graduation - Tailgate Rental Company in Butler, NJ

​High School Graduation

This event was booked for a high school graduation party at a house in West Milford, New Jersey. The family reserved the trailer for a full day with an estimated 75-100 person invite. For a graduation party, TAPT recommends utilizing the full customization of the trailer, which will cover the trailer from top to bottom with banners, signage and slag. From photos we provided, the client was able to find a vendor to accommodate a special menu with incredible food options. TAPT included all types of lawn games and backyard furniture to ensure a hassle-free day. The graduate’s mother was more than happy to see that the TAPT’s crews’ cleanliness was as spotless as their work ethic.
Giants vs Chargers - Tailgate Rental Company in Butler, NJ

Giants vs Chargers

Memorial Day BBQ - Tailgate Rental Company in Butler, NJ

Memorial Day BBQ

Field Day Teacher Lounge - Tailgate Rental Company in Butler, NJ

Field Day Teachers Lounge

Phillies Game - Tailgate Rental Company in Butler, NJ

Phillies Game

This event was packed full of fun for friends and family. CIP Solutions rented out the trailer for their annual company outing for approximately 50 people. This years outing was held in the heart of the Philadelphia Sports Complex at a Phillies game. Employees from all over the east coast and Illinois attended this event. The trailer was a huge hit as the recurring theme of guest were how they had never seen anything like this before. The owner felt it was a huge success, as employees were able to bring their entire families to the event. TAPT provided all the best yard games to keep everyone entertained; giant jenga, cornhole, kanjam, ladder toss, and the biggest hit with the kids...putski!
50th Birthday Party - Tailgate Rental Company in Butler, NJ

50th Birthday Party

Surprise Party!!! Surprise parties are the best, especially when celebrating a milestone or accomplishment. This surprise birthday party was held in West Chester, PA. TAPT coordinated the DJ, banners, tables, tents and yard games for this event. The lady of honor had a customized slideshow created with TAPT assisting in adding some creativity and special touch as well, playing this video on the 60 inch TVs. Roughly 70 people came and went throughout the night competing in cornhole tournaments, sharing great memories, or challenging people to dance offs on the porch. Not even the weather could shut this party down as people danced in the rain. TAPT did not mind staying late as this party grew in strength into the early morning hours.
Giants vs Lions - Tailgate Rental Company in Butler, NJ

Giants vs Lions on MNF